Advice per hour to start your project

We offer advice per hour depending on your needs.  Starting as low as $40.00 per hour. Why you may need our advice? It doesn't matter if you build with us or with any other person who was introduce to you.  Our main function will be to guide you thru the process. What's the best way to start your project? What do you need to hire a designer? Can't afford a construction company, but need help? Who is the best provider for your needs? and a many more questions.  This division was born with the hope to help hundreds of people who start for the first time in this world of construction.  We know everybody has the spirit to build, but sometimes things go wrong.  Hundreds of people have told us that they have lost money when they gave an advance to a scammer.  Our wish is to help you, we would love to build for you, but there are times that you only need a personal advice to achieve a great result.  We offer you also supervision and follow ups sub-contractors.  And, if finally your decision is to trust in our company, we will refund to you the total paid for the advice hours. Over these 30 years we have a database of workers, companies and providers who can make your day.